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Aren 925

Multi Rope Men's bracelet #112

Multi Rope Men's bracelet #112

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The Armenian Cross Sword, also known as the Khachkar, is a unique symbol that holds deep historical and cultural significance in Armenia. It combines the cross, representing Christianity, with a sword, symbolizing the defense of faith and the Armenian people.
The history of the Armenian Cross Sword dates back to ancient times when Armenia adopted Christianity as its state religion in the early 4th century. The cross became a prominent symbol of the faith, representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the principles of Christianity. Over time, as Armenia faced numerous invasions and conflicts, the sword was added to the cross symbol to represent the defense of the Armenian faith and the nation. It became a powerful emblem of resilience, courage, and the determination to protect Armenian identity and heritage. The Armenian Cross Sword can be found in various forms, including stone carvings, metalwork, and jewelry. One of the most famous representations is the Khachkar, a traditional Armenian stone memorial cross. Khachkars are intricately carved with cross and sword motifs, along with other decorative elements, and are often found in Armenian churches, monasteries, and cemeteries.

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Dimensions: 16.03mm x 38.86mm

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