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Aren 925

Artsakh Silver Pendant

Artsakh Silver Pendant

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The Artsakh symbol holds deep significance for the people of Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh. It represents the cultural heritage, resilience, and unity of the region. The symbol consists of a shield-shaped emblem with a white background and a black outline, featuring a stylized depiction of Mount Masis (Mount Ararat) in the center, surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. In the context of grandparents, the Artsakh symbol may hold personal significance for individuals who have a connection to the region. For many, grandparents are a source of wisdom, guidance, and cultural heritage. They often pass down stories, traditions, and values that are deeply rooted in their ancestral homeland.


Included with a 16-inch chain

Made with Aren925 Silver.

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