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Baby's First Bible #370/#371/#372

Baby's First Bible #370/#371/#372

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Written in both English and Spanish. A baby's first Bible is a specially designed book that introduces young children to the stories and teachings of the Bible in a way that is accessible and engaging for their age. It is typically a board book or a padded book with sturdy pages, perfect for little hands to hold and explore. The content of a baby's first Bible is carefully selected and adapted to be age-appropriate, with simplified language and colorful illustrations that capture the attention of young minds. These Bibles often include well-known stories from the Old and New Testaments, such as Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, and the birth of Jesus. The stories are presented in a simple and concise manner, making it easy for parents or caregivers to read aloud to their little ones. Alongside the stories, a baby's first Bible may also include prayers, songs, and interactive elements to further engage the child. The goal of a baby's first Bible is to introduce young children to the foundational stories and teachings of the Bible, fostering a love for God's word from an early age.


Dimensions: 4inch x 7 inch

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