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Tigran Mets #119

Tigran Mets #119

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Tigran the Great, also known as Tigran Mets (meaning Tigran the Great in Armenian), was a prominent figure in Armenian history. He ruled as the king of the Kingdom of Armenia from 95 to 55 BC and is considered one of the most powerful Armenian kings. Tigran Mets expanded the boundaries of the Armenian Kingdom to its greatest extent, establishing an empire that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caspian Sea. Under his rule, Armenia experienced a period of significant territorial expansion and cultural flourishing. Tigran Mets was known for his military prowess and strategic alliances. He formed alliances with neighboring kingdoms and engaged in successful military campaigns, defeating the Parthians, Seleucids, and other regional powers. His victories earned him the title "King of Kings" and brought great prestige to Armenia.

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Dimensions: 16.03mm x 38.86mm

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