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Aren 925

Eagle bracelet #327

Eagle bracelet #327

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Tigran the Great, also known as Tigranes II, was the king of Armenia from 95 BC to 55 BC during the Hellenistic period. Tigran the Great, also known as Tigranes II, was a prominent ruler of the Kingdom of Armenia during the 1st century BC. He is considered one of the most powerful and successful Armenian kings in history. Tigran the Great ascended to the throne around 95 BC and embarked on an ambitious campaign to expand the Armenian Kingdom. He successfully conquered and incorporated several neighboring territories, including parts of Syria, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia, into his empire. This expansion made the Armenian Kingdom one of the largest and most influential states in the region at that time. Tigran the Great's reign was characterized by a period of prosperity and cultural flourishing. He established a centralized administration, implemented economic reforms, and promoted trade and commerce within his empire. Tigran also fostered strong cultural ties with the Hellenistic world, adopting Greek customs and promoting Greek art and architecture.

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Dimensions: 16.03mm x 42.71mm

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