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Vardan Mamikonian men's Bracelet #118

Vardan Mamikonian men's Bracelet #118

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Vardan Mamikonian was a prominent military leader and national hero in Armenian history. He played a crucial role in the defense of Armenian Christianity and the preservation of Armenian identity during the 5th century. Vardan Mamikonian's story is closely tied to the events surrounding the Battle of Avarayr, which took place in 451 AD. At that time, the Armenian Kingdom was under the rule of the Sassanian Persian Empire, which sought to suppress Christianity and enforce Zoroastrianism. In response to the Persian attempts to eradicate Christianity, Vardan Mamikonian led a rebellion against the Sassanian forces. He united various Armenian noble families and rallied a sizable army to defend their faith and cultural heritage. The Battle of Avarayr was a fierce conflict, with the outnumbered Armenian forces fighting valiantly against the Persian army. Despite their bravery, the Armenians suffered heavy losses, including the death of Vardan Mamikonian himself.


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Dimensions: 16.03mm x 38.86mm

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